Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Forest of Dean 50th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon – 26th June 2011

On a very hot Sunday, Jill and I had the pleasure of joining Forest of Dean 41 Club at their 50th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon. It was held in the beautiful countryside of the Forest Of Dean at The Speech House Hotel, who looked after us very well.

It was a really enjoyable lunch with time well allocated to hear of the reminiscences of several of the members. The highlight of which was hearing from one of the Founder Members Roy , who founded the Club in 1959 (2 years before its affiliation). We finished the luncheon with a Round-Table type Serjeant-at-Arms who managed to raise over £400 for the local hospice.

Founder member Roy Mitchell

Monday, 27 June 2011

RTCW Golf Day at Moseley Golf Club – 24th June 2011

A few days ago, it looked as if this event would be cancelled, but seven of us decided to go ahead with a game of golf as it was in our diaries. As it happened, the fund-raising team from RTCW travelled all the way up from Bournemouth and together with final numbers of over twenty, not only did we have an enjoyable game of golf, but raised approximately £250 for the charity.

The golf was played at Moseley Golf Club; a club founded in 1892. It is a parkland course only 5 miles from Birmingham City Centre, with plenty of trees and bunkers. It is one of the most prestigious and respected golf clubs in the Midlands, with rolling fairways (never appeared to get a flat lie) and great greens. It is incidentally the venue for the RT National Golf at the Sporting Weekend in 2012.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

1741 BBQ - 22nd June 2011

When I set of from home it was pouring with rain, but by the time I had reach my destination in Enfield, North London the sun was out and it was the perfect weather for a BBQ.

It was there that I joined up with 1741 Club for a summer BBQ in the grounds of the local Scout troop. There were plenty of logs and loose bricks around so it did not take long to get the fires going. On went the potatoes and the vegetables (both in the same pot) and then the chicken. All this followed by dessert. It was a good night of fun and fellowship, sitting around talking, eating and drinking beer and time just seemed to disappear and before long we were clearing up and it was time to leave.

Looking forward to joining up with them again in September to support the local Donkey Derby.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Re charter of Evesham 41 Club Asparagus Supper 21st June 2011

Jill and I had a very enjoyable evening, joining the Vale of Evesham 41 Club at their Re-Charter Dinner in the Village Hall in Littleton.

The Club had left the Association several years ago, so it was with great pleasure that I was able to attend this dinner and “officially” re-present the Chairman’s Jewel to their new Chairman, Glen Lyon. It was also his birthday, so the event was a double celebration – the chocolate cake was good.

glen's birthday cake

Glen is one of the “leaders” of the local Explorer Scouts and they were there to cook the celebration “Asparagus Dinner”. They had a wonderful menu starting of with asparagus soup, followed by ham with vegetables with asparagus and finished off with asparagus ice-cream. Not on only did they cook the meal, but also served it and ran the bar. As a bonus, through their hard work on the evening they managed to raise almost £100 for club funds.

I am sure that Glen will have an enjoyable year as Chairman and that they are looking forward not only to supporting their local Round Table, but also to take an active part in the 41 Club Region.

East Grinstead 41 Club Visit to the British Wildlife Centre 20th June 2011


 Not a lot happens in the sleepy village of Lingfield, except the horse racing and it is home to the British Wildlife Centre.

Together with our National Councillor, Manny Martins, a small group of us visited the Centre, which is home specifically to British Wildlife. A really enjoyable and informative evening, even if it did rain and some of the animals would not come out to be photographed!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Region 20 Golf 14th June 2011

my ball well placed for the hole !!!

A warm summer’s day took us to the Temple Golf Club near Maidenhead for the Region 20 Golf Day. The course was in perfect condition (with wonderful views over the surrounding countryside and the River Thames), but my golf has not improved very much.

An excellent day was organised by Bourne End & Flackwell Heath 41 (as holders of the Mike Fitchett Trophy) and Frank Venables (the National Councillor for Region 20), when over 20 players enjoyed the golf and the dinner afterwards. The Region will hopefully be well represented at the National Golf Finals in September.

Iceland AGM – 9th-12th June

Together with a contingent from Stratford-upon-Avon 41 Club, myself and Jill joined Iceland 41 Club at their AGM. Now that there are three 41 Clubs in Iceland, there were able to celebrate forming an “Association” and are now able to become full members of 41 Club International.  Their first President is Smari Rikardsson who I spent time with when he was President of RT Iceland and I was President of RTBI. 
They put on a magnificent weekend of fun and fellowship, and I was very sorry to be missing out on their “post” AGM tour – another year perhaps.

Frodsham & District 41 Club 7th June 2011

Together with Ray Hill (National Communications Officer) we joined Frodsham & District 41 Club for a snooker night. They are a young and informal club, who like to arrange active evenings/weekends for their members and are proving very attractive to the retiring Round Tablers. This was their first “formal” sit down evening for some time (apparently over one year) and after the dinner there was a “question and answer” session about what is going on in 41 Club.
 We did play some enjoyable snooker afterwards to round off a very good evening. This is another game I play with great difficulty, especially as I am colour blind in red and green!

Region 11 Golf 7th June 2011

Region 11 held their golf day at Crewe Golf and was superbly organised by Roger Scowcroft (Northwich 41 Club). We started off in sunshine, then the heavens opened, but we finished in glorious sunshine again. The course (which is currently celebrating its centenary) was in good condition, picturesque and quite undulating with a lot of water and trees – or at least I managed to find them both!
I thoroughly enjoyed the day – the company and the food. The Region will be well represented at the National Golf Finals in September.

41 Club International AGM 2nd to 5th June 2011

This year it was held in Toulouse, France. A large British contingent (including many who had been on the pre-tour) enjoyed a weekend of fun and fellowship (and good food) with colleagues from around the world.

Congratulations to Jean-Louis Boileau from France for being elected International President and I hope he has a good year.

The Gala night on Saturday was held with those that attended the French AGM and there were over 200 people at the event, the food and entertainment were superb, the whole event very well organised.

Region 21 Golf – 27th May 2011

My first outing of golf for almost a year and didn’t it show. An event jointly organised by Ray Jones (the National Councillor for Region 21) and Andy “Hollis” Holyoake (Chippenham 41 Club) took us to the Cumberwell Park Golf Course hear Chippenham, where everyone enjoyed an excellent afternoon of golf (with the course in superb condition) and excellent fun and fellowship in the bar afterwards.

 Despite my efforts to bring my team down to my level, together with “Hollis” (a member of my National Executive when I was Round Table President) and David Fife (Clevedon 41 Club) we managed to come second. Congratulations must go to Chippenham 41 Club who won the event and will go on to represent the Region in the National Golf Finals in September. I just hope my golf improves by then.

Calpe 41 Club 5th Charter Anniversary Dinner – 26th May 2011

Both Jill and I had the pleasure of joining Calpe 41 Club in celebrating their 5th Charter Anniversary Dinner, which they combined with last years Ladies Night. The evening went very well; the food, venue and the singer were excellent and the dancing went on well into the night.  An excellent evening and if you ever visit this area of Spain, you will be assured of a warm welcome.

German 41 Club AGM – 20th & 21st May 2011

A large contingent including Tablers from the Isle of Wight, enjoyed the hospitality at the German AGM in Coburg. Although a bit smaller than our own AGM’s, they  put on a superb weekend with good venues and good food. It was nice to meet the Presidents of the other Association’s and hopefully we can all work together to take 41 Club International forward.

Great Britain & Ireland Past Presidents’ Weekend – 13th & 14th May 2011

The Past Presidents (together with widows of Past Presidents) meet every two years and this year the event was organised by Drew and Moira Cochran and was held in North Berwick.

Several of the Past Presidents meet up to renew old acquaintances and as well as enjoying the local food and visiting the local area, it is also a chance to quiz the “New President” about what is going on in 41 Club and Round Table.

A really enjoyable weekend and I look forward to the next one.