Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Oundle and Thrapston 41 Club – 29th February 2012

A trip to a nice country pub took me to visit Oundle & Thrapston 41 Club for a very enjoyable, relaxed evening, with good food and banter. It was nice to reminisce with the members there of the Camping and Caravan Rally organised many years ago in Table days, as well as talking about the many Charter Dinners that they organised. A very enjoyable night.

1741 Club – 22nd February 2012

I joined 1741 Club for yet another enjoyable evening in their company. I have been to a couple of their meetings this year (including fund raising at a donkey derby) and each has been a good laugh and this one was no exception. It was a simple evening; no speaker just everyone talking and eating and laughing just like table days.

This is a young active club, taking on lots of activities as well as raising monies for charity and actively supporting their local tables and I would encourage you to visit them if you are in the area.

Eastbourne 41 Club’s Valentine’s Ball – 18th February 2012

Jill and I joined Eastbourne 41 Club for their Valentine’s Ball. It was an excellent evening with very few speeches and lots of dancing. It was particularly nice to see everyone again from Round Table days, when we all worked together in Area 2 to organise National Conference and Sporting Weekends.

Saddleworth 41 Club’s 50th Anniversary Ball – 17th February 2012

This event was two years in the planning and it showed in the excellence of the evening. The venue, the service and the food were all excellent.

There was a superb turnout from the members of the Club, their wives and partners and from many members that they had not seen for a long time, as well as several local clubs and the local Round Table. 

A superb  evening that both Jill and I enjoyed, ending in dancing to 1.00pm

Monday, 13 February 2012

Aberdeen Ball – 11th February 2012

Jill and I travelled up to Aberdeen to join in with Round Table  and Ladies Circle at their Area Ball " A touch of Tartan and Tiara".

It was good to see many old friends and many 41 Club and Tangent  members supporting the other Round Table  Family members.

We had a great night and with lots of dancing afterwards.

Wareham 41 Club – 8th February 2012

What a great night of fun and fellowship. Joined by Somerton 41 Club, Wareham 41 Club enjoyed an evening of good food and lots of banter. Also present was the Chairman of Wareham Round Table and with over 30 present on the night, he was able to experience an evening of what tabling used to be like.

The highlight for me was inducting two new members, with the club appearing to go from strength to strength.

Rubery 41 Club – 2nd February 2012

Accompanied by Regional Councillor Barry Durman, I had the pleasure of joining Rubery 41 Club for an excellent evening. It was a relaxed evening with discussions on what is happening in 41 Club together with a quiz on the up and coming Olympics (which Barry won). It was a very enjoyable evening.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lewes 41 Club – 1st February 2012

Accompanied by Regional Councillor Manny Martins, I joined Lewes 41 Club for an informal meeting in a local Chinese Restaurant. It was nice to catch up with some old friends from Round Table days and recount the times we held Area Meetings and Ladies Nights in a local hotel which was owned by a Tabler.

The food was good and enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere – it was a good night.

Costa del Sol 41 Club – 21st January 2012

Whilst in Gibraltar, both Jill and I the pleasure of joining Past National President of RTBI, Gareth George, and the members of Costa del Sol 41 Club at the magnificent Aloha Golf Club. Unfortunately I did not have the time to play golf (I am sure it would have been too hard for me anyway!), but we were treated to a wonderful lunch and drinks on the veranda (which overlooked the course) afterwards. It was a very enjoyable afternoon and I wish the club all the best for attracting the many members who will have retired to the area.

As you would expect the weather was very nice and we left them around 6.00pm still enjoying the festivities of the evening, which I understand went on until 8.00pm.

“Burns Night “Gibralter Round Table and 41 Club – 20th January 2012

 I had the pleasure of attending my second Burns Night of the year in Gibraltar. This Burns Night was a much larger event with over 100 members and guest attending, the event being held just over the border in Spain. It was great to see many old friends in particular Paul Origio Past 41 Club National President of Girbralter,  who was Round Table National President of Gibralter when I was Round Table National President of RTBI.

As well as the traditional haggis, the highlight of the evening must have been the singing and poetry readings/recitals and the  evening raised a considerable amount of money for local charities.

his is very well supported by the UK with Past National Presidents, Peter Manley and John Kilsh attending, various Round Table Board members and EMA Chairman Steve Lord  as well as many others.  Lawrence Bamber also came over for the event.

Gibralter Round Table and 41 Club organised for the wives and partners to be taken out while we were at the event and Jill also  had a great evening with friends she had made there over the years.

Ilminster 41 Club Founders Night – 18th January 2012

A quick drive from Heathrow Airport took me to Ilminster to help the local 41 Club celebrate Founders Night.

 It was a very enjoyable evening with many local 41 Club’s in attendance, where we all enjoyed an evening of good food, good wine in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere combined with a touch of formality.

 A really good evening, which the club hopes will be the start of an annual reunion amongst the local clubs to celebrate the life of Louis Marchesi.

“Burns Night” with Troon 41 Club – 17th January 2012

Accompanied by Regional Councillor Donald Watson, I attended my first Burns Night of the year in Troon. What made this a very special evening for me was that it was held in the Bachelor’s Club in Tarbolton, where Burns started the Debating Society and also where he attended his Masonic meetings. 

The room was small, but the history around the walls was tremendous, with old pictures and artefacts distributed around the walls and in various cabinets. As well as the traditional haggis, the highlight of the evening must have been the singing and poetry readings/recitals and also listening to the history of the Club. It was also great to see Dave Hadden who used to be a Tabler in my Club East Grinstead,

The downside to a wonderful evening must have been listening to me trying to recite the Selkirk Grace in my best possible London accent!

Norwich Wensum and Yare Forecast Meeting – 16th January 2012

Having heard about this event from many Past National Presidents, it was a pleasure to join Norwich Wensum and Yare at their Forecast Meeting. After a very enjoyable meal, it is then down to the individual to forecast the answers to such questions as which team will win the English Football Premiership and what will be the total rainfall in Norfolk. The papers are marked at the end of the year (2012) and a prize awarded to the winner at the next Forecast Meeting in 2013. It is a great way to bring many clubs together and the event’s popularity has grown over the years, with now well over 100 attendees. The evening was rounded off by guest speaker David McNally, Chief Executive Officer of Norwich City Football Club.

The evening was also a chance to award Martin Sexton the organiser of the Annual Forecast Meeting (and has done so for many years) with the Association Award for all his hard work and the testimony written in support of his nomination reads:

“It’s become an exceptional event run by an outstanding individual who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure his peers and the movement have a great night of fun and fellowship on an annual basis.”

Kings Norton 41 Club 50th Anniversary – 11th January 2012

Accompanied by Regional Councillor Barry Durman (this was the third event in two days and I thank him not only for hosting me, but driving me around to the events), I had the pleasure of joining Kings Norton 41 Club in the celebration of their 50th Anniversary. It was an excellent evening with many local clubs attending, with many jokes told by the members. A good evening of fun and fellowship.
Accompanied by Regional Councillor Barry Durman, I had the pleasure of joining Solihull 41 Club for their January Walk. This involved walking 5 miles around the countryside near the village of Studley and then enjoying lunch at the Green Dragon in nearby Sambourne.

 During the walk, we also managed to take in a very small section of the Millennium Way. It was a very enjoyable morning and I had not realised just how much work went into organising such a walk – from organising a half-way point for some of the members to join in to the organisation of a suitable pub for lunch.

It is also the first time I have been on Utube see the link below 

Tamworth & District 41 Club 59th Charter Dinner – 10th January 2012

Accompanied by Regional Councillor Barry Durman, I had the pleasure of joining Tamworth & District 41 Club in celebrating their 50th Charter. It was an excellent evening with many local clubs attending. The highlights of the evening were a historical trip through the decades showing the history of Tamworth Round Table and 41 Club followed by an excellent talk from Mike Nield from the local cricket club. 

Martin Young Cluster Meeting – 9th January 2012

This annual event is organised by Southend-on-Sea 41 Club and invites go out to all the clubs in the region. This year the event was well attended and everyone enjoyed the evening – Tablers and 41 Club members alike. An excellent evening to catch up with old friends and we were all entertained by comedian and former Round Tabler, Adger Brown.