Monday, 25 April 2011

41 Club Joint Meeting with the French – 22nd April

The first meeting organised by the Association’s new International Officer – Dave Campbell – took place on-board the Cross Channel Ferry between Dover and Calais.

The Joint Meeting between Region 25 (Kent) and the French Region 1 (Nord Pas de Calais Picardie) had been superbly organised by Dave (as the outgoing Councillor) and his French counterpart, Stephane Andriolo.

The idea for the first of such a meeting was very simple – the British caught the ferry to Calais, the French then got on and we had a joint meeting as we sailed back to Dover; the British then disembarked and the French then enjoyed a meal whist sailing back to Calais. With approximately 100 members from both countries in attendance, it was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the fellowship of 41 Club from both countries.

Hopefully it will be the start of an annual joint meeting of the Regions/Club and might even encourage some Clubs to “twin”.

Stafford 41 Club’s Annual General Meeting and 50th Charter Celebrations – 20th April

Accompanied by the Association’s new National Communications Officer – Ray Hill – we joined Stafford 41 Club for their Annual General Meeting with which they also combined their 50th Charter Celebrations. We had a really good evening, were made very welcome and were very well looked after.

Stafford 41 Club were a lot of fun and we had a good laugh throughout the night, with a few serious moments. They are also a very well organised club and rank amongst their officers a Regalia Officer and an International Relations Officer.

The highlight was the presentation of the Service Award to David Orme, who has been of tremendous service to the club, having served as both Secretary and Treasurer of the Club for the last 25 years.

Burgess Hill and Hassocks 41 Club’s St George’s Day Dinner – 19th April

A warm Tuesday evening saw me being invited to join with Burgess Hill and Hassocks  41 Club at their St George’s Day Dinner. A really enjoyable evening, with super food and a very funny comedian. The evening was finished off with the singing of favourite songs, including “There’ll Always Be An England”, “Land Of Hope and Glory” and “Jerusalem”. A really good evening of fun and fellowship and, with over 80 there, testimony to its popularity which has grown over the years.

East Grinstead Annual General Meeting – 18th April

I was straight into my first event as President on the Monday after Conference, when I attended my own club’s Annual General Meeting. An enjoyable evening (meal of ham, egg and chips all round and a frozen summer pudding as dessert) attended by about 20 of our members, including some that we had not seen for a long time and a prospective new member. There was the usual discussion about annual subscriptions, places we had visited and what we had done during the year, but we all enjoyed the evening and I left being somehow voted in as vice-chairman.